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The word merz essentially means the totality of all imaginable materials that can be used for artistic purposes and technically the principle that all of these individual materials have equal value./../Merz art strives for immediate expressions by shortening the path from intuition to visual manifestation of the artwork. Kurt Schwitters Merz painting


The first artist I ever took notice of am liked was the german expressionist.

Fragments of his collages often reappear in my pictures. I have also used photos of Kurt himself for further explorations. Making them more "merz". have been replaced by Kurt. I feel in may ways spiritually allied with the german artist. He was for personal and polittcal reasons not allowed into the Berlin dada movement. Club Dada as i t was called. He introduced himself: "My name is Kurt Schwitters...I am an artist and I nail pictures together" . But not evennails could get him accepted as a member of Club Dada.and therfore had to come up with a name for his artistc avtivity. Art is a little lame, ist'nt it? Anyway, as the story goes, Kurt Schwitters one beutiful day was walkin down the street of Hannover when and a torn poster with the letter merz on it flew by. The letters cought his attention and he picked it and put it his rugsack where he put all the other waste and scraps of paper that he found.

conventional paintings

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